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Welcome Endreth to Eloria! πŸ‘‹
🌟 Total Gathered Elden Souls: 45 / 1000

4.7.2024 News Icon Changelog - 04/07/2024

Changelog 4/07/2024

1. Added clean client 13.32 without any Eloria modifications, it will allow some players to use Pixel Bot.

2. Added Extraction and Arenas wiki pages on Eloria Wiki

3. Fixed firestorm reward message.

4. Sanguine Items crafting:

   Extracted strenghts  100x ---> 20x

5. Loot rate increased by 100%

29.6.2024 News Icon Changelog - 29/06/2024

Changelog 29/06/2024


1. Soul War monsters attack intervals adjustments:

    - Infernal Demon --> death chain, combat  |  Interval 2000 --> 2500

    - Brachiodemon --> combat | Interval 2000 --> 2500

2. [EXTRACTION] Fixed issues with Extraction and now you will be able to join the event!

Timetable (all times in CET):


- Monday

- Wednesday

- Friday

- Sunday


- 10:00

- 21:00


3. Server-info command now points user to Wiki

4. Fixed exp boost name

5. [Extraction Arenas] Fixed afk time and some maps errors

28.6.2024 News Icon Changelog - 28/06/2024

Changelog - 28/06/2024

1. Added !bp command.

2. Skills stage adjustment:

              - 81 level to 110 --> multiplier from x2 to x3

3. Currently exp stage is staying as it is.

4. Daily event not will have different boosts not only exp.

              - This is temporary as i am planning on doing randomized  events.

5. Removed Magma Bubble mechanics, boss now spawns as soon as player enters the room, however boss damage and health has been buffed by 30%

6. Removed healing event in Ravenous Hunger boss, buffed dmg by 30% and health by 50%

7. Now you can log-in multiple characters on the same account, however only one character can get out of a PZ.

5.5.2024 News Icon New Beginning

Map: Global + Custom Evo
World type: PVP
Clients: Tibia Client and OTclient
Version: 13.32/10.00
Start 22nd of June
18:00 CET



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What is Eloria?

Eloria is an evolving global server that has been under development for almost two years! Here, you'll encounter numerous custom approaches and systems. Currently, the server has transitioned to a newer engine on protocol 13.32, introducing new augments and gem altiers



Feel free to join our Discord server and share your thoughts on server development or simply report any issues you encounter. We value your feedback and strive to create the best experience for all players.


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